Date:        27 February - 08 April, 2014
Location:  International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP), Brooklyn, NY

Curated by Kari Conte

A Cielo Aperto is a solo exhibition by ISCP artist-in-residence Maria Rapicavoli.

A Cielo Aperto, an Italian idiomatic expression that can be translated to “Open Sky” contextualizes Rapicavoli’s current and long-term artistic research while seeking to open, and therefore disclose, Sicily’s sky as a space occupied by military forces.

The exhibition pivots around a newly commissioned site-specific installation that juxtaposes a large-scale photograph of Sicily’s sky with a series of details from a disassembled military map that the artist acquired from a soldier. It will be accompanied by two sets of video works and photographs that investigate the economic and political ties between Sicily and the United States.

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