4 channel video installation

dur: 8’10”

A 4 monitors video installation showing several individuals interviewed in Corleone .

They represent different point of view: a Polish tourist who was looking for The Godfather’s village and is upset because he did not meet any mafioso; on the contrary, a Canadian tourist who is happy because he found exactly what he was looking for: the real mafia atmosphere; the anti-mafia centre director who talks about Corleone as a big stage where everything “seems normal”; the old man who talks about mafia – “ if you mind your own business nobody bothers you and mafia only exists if you talk about others’ business”; the trade unionist who is threatened by mafia because “ he does not know one’s place”, remembering that in Corleone there were also people who died because they opposed mafia, etc.

The video installation starts with a resident of Corleone revealing the true story of Sicilian Mafia boss Totò Riina. In doing so, he makes a point by saying that everything he is narrating is taken from the movie, even if we both know that this is not the case.