I forgot in my exertions
My own name and identity
And in the urgency of my searching
Forgot the final goal I sought. 

Load displacement is thetotalweight of a cargo vessel when loaded to its optimum waterline.  
The project consists on a video/slide installation and a series of photographs carried out in Lampedusa,  a small island situated between south of Italy and north Africa.
The work is an attempt to empathize with those who experience the conditions of alienation, invisibility and displacement when forced to risk their lives on a long, dangerous journey in pursuit of opportunities abroad. In so doing, it produces a critique of the free market that demands this global movement of goods and people. Dictated by the needs and desires of the world’s richest countries, this migration process is one that also ultimately rejects the migrant populations that it creates.

The Mediterranean Sea is only one of the transitional spots that people use to move from South to North and from East to West in the world.