Part of a series of porcelain sculptures depicting MDR childhood memories related to the time when the “The MaxiTrial” (italian:Maxiprocesso, 1986/87)  took place. 
“The Maxi  Trial” is one of the biggest Italian criminal trial. It brought more than 400 defendants on trial who were convicted of a multitude of crimes related to Mafia activities.

Memorandus was exhibited as part of Wunderkammer, a project of Galleria Riccardo Crespi in Milano, Italy.


Tavolo con faldoni, 2016, porcelain, cm 15x10x12

Sedia con microfono, 2016, porcelain, cm 2x4x1,5

Volante, 2016, porcelain, cm2,5x5x3 and Televisore, 2016, porcelain, cm 16x20x14,5

Faldone, 2016, porcelain, cm 4,5x5,5x2,5 and Scale, 2016, porcelain, 1,5x5x1,5

Agenda, 2016, porcelain, cm 2x12x11, Timbro, 2016, porcelain, cm 4,5x5,5x2,5, Sigaro, 2016, porcelain, cm 1,5x9x1,5, Ore 17:58, 2016, porcelain, cm 16x15x3

installation view