Date:        20 May - 8 July, 2016
Location:  Italian Cultural Institute, New York, NY

A group show curated by Ludovica Capobianco, Alessandro Facente, Veronica Santi and Giulia Trabaldo Togna. Artists include ALESSANDRO DEL PERO, GIAN MARIA TOSATTI, ANDREA MASTROVITO, RENATO D'AGOSTIN, ARIANNA CAROSSA, MARIA RAPICAVOLI, MATTEO CALLEGARI,  and DANILO CORREALE.

In 1956, the poet of the Beat Generation Allen Ginsberg publishes one of his most famous compositions, emblematically titled “America”. In these verses Ginsberg portrays the many contradictions of the American culture, and his own conflicted relationship with his homeland. The image that shines through his words is that of a complex country in which the freedom of the single is constantly related to the façade of unreal and unattainable perfection this nation shows to the world.

Moving from Ginsberg’s words, this exhibition aims at identifying the new generation of Italian artists active in New York, whose practice, directly or indirectly, explores the multifaceted reality of the American culture.

This country at the same time does and doesn’t belong to these artists; here they are “strangers”, yet being active participants in the community they live in. How do they represent this re-definition of themselves through the discovery of what the real face of America is? As a harbinger of their time, the artists are called here to picture their portrait of the United States, highlighting and re-discussing its ambiguity, between myths and reality, physical and imaginary boundaries – a melting pot of single identities whose appearance is molded by the same diversity that inhabits it.

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